Assessments Instead of Exams

The end of a semester indicates that grades are due, we get a break, late submissions are made, and EXAM WEEK!!! Exam week is terrifying for both students and teachers. But, for teachers at least, it is exciting to see what your students learned over the semester. I believe that […]

Webinar Recap for “How Teachers Can Conquer Emotional Challenges During COVID-19 and Beyond”

Thank you to our panelist for blessing us with this webinar: Arne Nielsen, VP for NAD EducationEvelyn Sullivan, NAD Early Childhood, REACHPaola Oudri, ALC Educational PD CoordinatorAlina Baltazar, AU Institute for the Prevention of AddictionCharity Garcia, AU Dept. Teaching, Learning, CurriculumIngrid Slikkers, AU International Center for Trauma Education & Care […]

Webinar Recap for Q&A – April 21

Thank you J Carlos, Melanie Kartik, Heidi Morehouse, Mark Waterhouse, Maurita Crew, Robert Fetters, Desmond Suarez, Paola Oudri, and Martha Ban for leading out in this Q&A session. Q&A Webinar – April 21 – Recording QA for NAD Educators on Distance Learning Part 2 from Adventist Education. Desmond Suarez II […]

Teaching Encounter Bible Remotely

I have been teaching Encounter Bible remotely from campus to campus for six years. Through this time I have grown accustomed to adapting the activities to my context where I am not able to physically be with my students all of the time. I have enjoyed the challenge. However, now […]

Webinar Recap for Q&A – April 14

Thank you Emily Graham, J Carlos, Vanessa Pujic, Tom Reynolds, Nury Alers, Desmond Suarez, Paola Oudri, and Martha Ban for leading out in this Q&A session. QA Webinar for NAD Educators on Distance Learning from Adventist Education. Desmond Suarez II – Remote Teaching Essentials Question: What can I do for […]


Loom allows you to create screen recordings and/or video recordings quickly, and easily. This is great for assignment explainers, prerecorded messages, and anything you want to record from or on your computer. Their free tier is always generous but they have expanded it right now and reduced pricing on their […]

PDF Candy

PDF Candy provides users all over the world with absolutely free online and offline tools for working with PDF files (converting, splitting, merging, rotating, etc ). PDF Candy is created by Icecream Apps team, which means proven reliability and high quality for processing PDF files. We used our offline software’s […]

Scribe for Education

Scribe for Education helps teachers across the globe provide accessible documents to their print disabled students. When teachers hand out assignments, exercises, class projects, or informational handouts to class… the print disabled students can get the same information as their peers at the same time in a wide array of […]

Google Arts & Culture

Take your students on a journey though some amazing art and/or culture. Google has put together a large collection from around the world. Find a collection and let your students explore it.