Online Education in a Time of Uncertainty

My experience with online education comes exclusively from a crash course over the past four weeks—moving an entire school into the virtual world for the start of our second semester. So I profess not broad expertise, but rather since many others around the world now face similar challenges, I wish to share some lessons learned, from the perspective of a novice, and from having undertaken this endeavor in a period of profound uncertainty.

A few simple Google searches can reveal a wealth of further insights on platforms and strategies developed by veteran practitioners; all of this relates to synchronous learning in an international secondary school.

My broadest concerns have involved student well-being and faculty morale, since in China most everyone had already endured a few weeks of self-isolation during the New Year holiday before a return to classes. Everyone will need to adapt to the unique circumstances in their own locale.

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~Christopher Moses is Director of Programs for Boyuan Education and the founding Foreign Principal of Shanghai Hongrun Boyuan School. This is a Griggs International School in China.

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