Big Ideas Math

Big Ideas Math wishes to offer your teachers, students, and parents distance learning resources during this time of uncertainty caused by COVID-19. 

This link provides a general overview and guides educators how to access the Big Ideas Resources (for both users and non-users of Big Ideas Math):

A list a resources that do not require a login (that can be accessed by the link posted above and more directly by the link below):

These distance-learning resources are available now for all math teachers, students, and parents:

  • K – Algebra 2, Digital Student Editions
  • K – Algebra 2, Skills Practice
  • K – Algebra 2, Parent Letters
  • K – Algebra 2, Math Games
  • K – 12, Math Glossary, available in 15 languages
  • K – 8 Vocabulary Flash Cards
  • K – 5, Math Musicals

To access these resources, click on the following link:

In the “Choose Your Program” dropdown menu, select “Common Core 2019” and click “Go”

Notice the “Students” and “Parents” tab in the upper right corner

“Students” Tab

  • Digital Math Text books – Student Editions
  • Scroll to the bottom for Additional Learning Resources, including the multi-language glossary

“Parents” Tab

  • Vocabulary Flash Cards
  • Skills Practice
  • Parent Letters
  • Games
  • Math Musicals

Links to 1-hour Webinars for Platform and Demo users: 

Topics include general overview of the platform and an in-depth study of the digital assignments/assessments.  The “6-12 Dynamic Assessment System” will also be helpful for the elementary teachers (if applicable) since the digital assignment creation process is very much the same as for 6-12.  Viewers will have to input their names and email to access webinars:

Quick, “How-To” Articles for Platform and Demo Platform users:

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