FERPA: Student Privacy

Student Privacy Policy Office (SPPO) presented a webinar on “Student Privacy – FERPA and Virtual Learning During COVID-19.” The webinar was in response to the many questions we have received about FERPA as educators and students shift to learning online during this time of social distancing.

SPPO distilled most of the questions into 10 common scenarios and questions about FERPA. For each scenario, we identify key FERPA requirements and takeaways and other questions to consider for best practices. We also include at the end of presentation a listing of other available resources.

SPPO recorded the webinar given that, due to the overwhelming response, participation was limited to 600 or so participants. We have posted all event materials, including the webinar recording on our website as follows:

Webinar Recording:


Webinar Slide Deck:


Additional related resources on their website include the following: 


FERPA & Virtual Learning Resource List

If, after reviewing these materials, you still have questions, please contact your conference.