Help for Teaching PE Online

Although most parts of our world are experiencing significant challenges related to COVID-19, we are EXCITED to be able to share with you SEVERAL tangible resources assembled by members and the leadership of the SDA-HPERA to help those teaching physical education to our students. Here are the categories:

A) Two interactive trainings specific for Adventist physical education offered via Zoom on Tuesday, March 24 :

  1. “Tangible help for online teaching of Health & Physical Education/Kinesiology in SDA Colleges” starting at 11:00am Pacific / 2:00pm Eastern
  2. “Tangible help for online teaching of K-12 SDA Physical Education” starting at 12:30pm Pacific / 3:30pm Eastern

B) WELNET – (they already have your PE class rosters ready to go), now has made several other modules available for use!  

  1. more specific info is on the GoogleDoc Resource in item C1 below
  2. Attend one of the three WELNET training sessions for free, delivered via Zoom. (Just click on the link to join for the specific day/time you wish)

C) GoogleDocs resources (to use, and to make suggested additions)

  1. Resources and Tools for teaching physical education online (numerous resources, and you can submit your own ideas to be added)
  2. Resources related to Inclusion for health & physical education (numerous resources, and you can submit your own ideas to be added)** link coming soon to

D) – the home website for SDA physical educators   

E) SDA-HPERA email list-serv – send a note to executive director, Rob Thomas at to be added to the list-serv.